Monday, July 31, 2017

Rock Climbing

Last week we had the opportunity to rock climb.  It was so fun!

Dear Family,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! While it has been very hot this past month, I have enjoyed many aspects of the summer. It doesn’t get dark until much later, which makes being out until 9 much easier. We also get to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. And then there is constantly being given popsicles and water, which I have already mentioned. For our dinners, we mostly get grilled meat and salads, which I really enjoy. It seems strange that we are almost into August, but exciting because that means the temple open house is coming up!
We had a good week, though not much to report on. We had a lesson with the one of or families. We are teaching 10 year old who hasn’t been baptized. The father is huge into hunting, so they always feed the sisters some type of meat before the lesson. This time they fed us buffalo, and it was amazing! The lesson was on the temple. It really inspired the parents to be want to come to church more often.  It has been fun to see some progress with this family.

We also got to teach another one of our investigators, have FHE with a member family, and have good visits with a couple of other members. Sunday was really cool as well because a few members that don’t come very often were there. One of them is really into family history, so we went to the family history class with her, which was very enjoyable. We also had a third hour combined meeting on family history. I just really felt the Spirit and a lot of excitement to work on my family history for the rest of my life.

Much has been on my mind this last week, especially as we have been working to find new people to teach. I’ve been thinking about how we have to have the faith that the Lord is preparing people and that if we follow the Spirit, we will find those people. I have also been thinking about consecration. I came across this quote by Elder Maxwell: “Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory.” As we hand everything over to the Lord, that is when He can start making of us who He wants us to be. While I cannot believe how much of my mission has gone by, I am thankful for the amount of time I still have left. I hope to work on laying everything on the altar, yielding my heart completely to the Lord for Him to change it. I know He can, I just have to let Him.

Sister Jensen 

Beautiful Idaho Sky

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