Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Dear Family,

I am currently in Nampa! We are emailing at the family history center, just like the greenie days. And why am I in Nampa? I'm training! Both Sister Soelberg and I were taken out of Baker so that we can train. I am going to train in Middleton.  Sister Soelberg is going to Meridian to train. So we are here in Nampa for tonight and we will be here tomorrow for the new missionaries coming in and all that implies. It has been a crazy day, we have been riding the transfer van for the majority of it, then figuring logistics is always a headache. We have a trainer's meeting tonight at 6. I am super excited!

But, really, I am heartbroken to leave Baker City. I was in Nampa on Tuesday because I was on exchanges with a sister going home tomorrow and she had her departing interview at the mission office. The assistants came in and one of them told me that we were both being taken out. So we had more time than usual to get ready, which was nice. I thought I would be able to stay in Baker until at least August, but I am sure the Lord has all sorts of things that He wants me to learn. 

Our last week was busy!  We got to teach many of our investigators, which was a blessing.  One of them is still on to be baptized on Friday. I am not sure if I will make it, we have to get a ride from a member to go. I am just praying that it will all work out, I would just really like to be there. We went to Halfway for the last time on Saturday and taught our investigator there. Sunday was hard because that is literally when you say goodbye to everyone. But we got around to everyone and I didn't have to stay up too late to pack, another big blessing. 

On Thursday, we were leaving our house for an appointment and we locked our car keys in the house. Usually, we just walk down to the landlady's house and get a key. But she wasn't home and didn't answer her phone. We got a ride to our appointment and had transportation after that until about 3ish. We were dropped off at home and just started updating records in our car (we had left it unlocked, just didn't have the keys to start it). We texted T., our recent convert, asking her to give us ride to our appointment at 4. She came right away and was like, "We are going to break into your house!" T. is a former police officer.  We had one small window unlocked, so she showed us how to pop off the screen then she boosted Sister Soelberg through. It was really funny. 
Locked out!
We are limited on time so I am just going to wrap up and respond to as many people as I can. But just know that even though I am really sad to leave Baker, I am so excited for these next couple of months in Middleton! 

Sister Jensen   

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