Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blessed with Baptism

Dear Family,

Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails and letters! Being on a mission has helped me realize that I have been so blessed to have the family and friends that I do. I am so grateful to have each of you in my life, thank you for your love and support!

The most exciting news from this week is that A. got baptized! We got everything worked out for her to be confirmed right after the baptism due to stake conference, and it was so wonderful! It was very stressful leading up Saturday, everything just seemed to be thrown at us at once. But Sister S. told me that it is always like that before a baptism. Everything worked out and the sweet spirit that was felt there made it all worth it. I loved hearing the talks and testimonies from her friends, and feeling their perfect happiness to have their dear friend enter the waters of baptism. We watched Mormon Messages about Christ (including my favorite-Because of Him) which was probably my favorite part. All of this is because of Christ, it is all about bringing people to Him so that they can have full access to His atonement. Also, side note, but I played the piano at the baptism! I was so nervous and didn't have much time to practice, but it actually went off alright. Of course, it wasn't actually me, being an answer to prayer and everything. 
Secretly took a picture of Sister S. while we were tracting.
We have been so blessed to continue teaching J.. I really love teaching her because she asks hard questions that make us think. I am continually pondering over my own testimony, remembering my past experiences with the Spirit when I first learned or relearned these things. It has helped me see that we have to work for our testimonies sometimes, and we have to be continually growing it or else it will die. We have had many moments with J. where the Spirit was so strong. In one of our lessons earlier this week, after our closing prayer, I did my best to express to her how much I love her, which can be a challenge for me sometimes. But with help from the Spirit, I hope that she understood just how much we love her and desire her eternal happiness. She has been reading through gospel principles (I know, she's incredible), and there were a couple of doctrines that were bothering her so we set up a time for us to all meet with the bishop yesterday. I wish I could convey what happened in that meeting, but I won't be able to. But the most important thing is that the Spirit was there as the bishop testified to J. about Heavenly Father's love for her and the plan that He has in place for her. After we went 30 minutes over the time, bishop boldly suggested that she pick a date and she did! We are so incredibly excited for her, I know that she has so much in store for her. But pray hard for her, she will need the support and protection from Heavenly Father!

In the middle of the week we received a self-referral from the office for A.. They told us that English is her second language, so we were worried that we would have to turn her over to the Spanish missionaries. But we met with her on Thursday and found out she is Hungarian! And no missionaries speak Hungarian here, so we get to keep her! But her story is really cool. She was actually baptized by missionaries in Hungary over 20 years ago, but her family did not support her at all so she stopped going to church. She married her husband, who is also Hungarian, a couple of years ago and he already lived here for a long time, so she left Hungary to live with him. She told us that she always hoped that she would find missionaries on her street or that they would knock on her door, but they never did. Well, not too long ago, she and her husband were taking a walk and they walked by our building, and she recognized that it was the church. So she referred herself and finally found the missionaries! It was amazing to hear her story and think of those missionaries who found her years ago in Hungary, and how their service as missionaries impacted her life so much at the time, even if it wasn't the right time. We taught her about the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. During one point in the lesson, she told us that she believed that she couldn't be forgiven for something she did years ago. We testified that she can have forgiveness because of Christ's atonement, and the Spirit was there confirming what we were telling her. She started to cry and we could clearly see the relief in her face. It made me so grateful for Christ's atonement, and really brought home the fact that His suffering can make us clean again. She came to church on Sunday with her husband, J., who isn't a member but is super awesome! He made some great comments in Sunday school and we are hoping to teach him as well. 
Speaking of church, we are really starting to get to know the wards and enjoy the love and support of the members.

I just love my mission! I love this area and the wards and the people and everything! I hope that I get to stay here in Nampa for a while, there is so much work here that I am so excited to do. There are ups and downs of course, but it is so worth it. 
Sister Jensen

This is where we do studies in the morning.   Notice the base heater that I turn on every morning and warm up my feet on.

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