Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Baker Investigates

 Dear Family,

It has only been a few days since I updated you last, but fortunately we have had some good experiences in these few days. 

When I first got to Baker, there was a family that the sisters had been regularly visiting. They are all converts. We actually got to watch a session with general conference with them, which was fun. Well, we stopped by on Tuesday night and to our great surprise one of them answered the door and welcomed us warmly in. He told us he was just about to text us and tell us to come over since he was feeling so much better. It was just a little thing, but he texted us later that night and told us how much it meant to him for us to stop by. There really is nothing sweeter than following the prompting of the Spirit in answer to someone else's prayer. 

On Wednesday we had another lesson with one of our most progressing investigators. We had it at a member's house.  This was good because this member just had surgery and hasn't been able to get out much. We taught the Plan of Salvation. This time she was saying, "I pretty much already believe all of this girls." She is still considering the commitment though.  When you are in your later years and you have lived your whole life a certain way, it would be hard to suddenly change. But she understands why it is important and will continue to pray and read the scriptures. She really is one of the funniest ladies, I just love visiting with her and teaching her the gospel. 

We also visited another couple on Wednesday night. I really appreciated hearing their story because it really does attest that there is no missionary effort that is wasted. The wife has been a member her whole life, but the husband just joined a couple of years ago. He first started learning about the church in high school. He saw one of those commercials that talked about this book that makes your life better, so he ordered it and two missionaries showed up with a Book of Mormon. He started taking the lessons with his girlfriend. He is from the East and he told us about how one time the missionaries took him over to the ward mission leader's house in Belmont and how nice it was. Then he said, "Oh yeah! It was Mitt Romney!" Anyway, he decided not to join the church at that time. After going through several trials, he finally decided to join the church in 2014. I am sure those missionaries who first worked with him many years ago have no idea that he eventually decided to get baptized. All work that we do here as missionaries is important, nothing is wasted. 

Last night we had an amazing lesson with yet another investigator.  Before we started we just asked her to listen to the promptings of the Spirit as we taught about baptism. Then we watched the Bible video of Jesus Christ being baptized by John the Baptist. We went along with our lesson, reading lots of scriptures about baptism, then at the end asked her if she thought it was necessary for her to be baptized, and she violently shook her head yes. Then she said, "I got my answer tonight. As we were watching that video I heard a voice say, 'Do it.' So I am going to do it." We then set a date for her later in the month.

Today we are going to have a BBQ at a member's house then go play some board games at a game store some other members own. Life is just really good here in Baker City, what can I say? I love this work and am so grateful to be out and laboring with the Lord. 

Sister Jensen 

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