Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Family,

Today will be a quicker update because this P-day has been CRAZY. But life is still amazing here in the Nampa! We are still working with some wonderful people that I love so, so much, and they make all of the hard times worth it.

J. continues to be a big part of the work we are doing here. She is such a huge blessing to me, and the challenge of teaching her helps keep me motivated and excited about missionary work. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged when literally no one wants to talk about you. But then we have a lesson with J. and I am reminded that the Lord is preparing people all of the time. And, like with J., the gospel will change their lives so dramatically, in the best way possible. We are continually working with her to prepare her for baptism in the coming weeks, and my love for her just continues to grow. I am so glad that I will be in Utah after the mission because I will be blessed to see these dear friends often. 

A. and her husband, J., are also doing well. It has been really cool to see A. discover the gospel again. We have been bringing sisters from the ward to our lessons and A. is always so excited to meet them and learn that they live so close to her. I think that this ward family will be so good for her.  We taught her husband the first lesson on Saturday and it went really well. They are such nice people and it is fun to learn more about their culture. 

One highlight of this week was our zone conference, where we learned about the Christmas initiative for this year. I am so excited!!! We got to see the video, which doesn't come out until Friday, and it was seriously stellar! The theme is "Light up the World" and is focused on the service we can do that the Savior did. It is like an advent calendar, with new ways and ideas to serve each day leading up to Christmas. I am so excited to share this message of service and love with all those we talk with this Christmas season. 

Sorry this week's letter was so short, we seem to always be running all over the place on P-day, but next week should be better. Just know that I am loving these people more and more every day, and am trying my best to be the missionary that they need me to be. I love this gospel, so much. I know that Christ is our Savior and that He lives. 
Sister Jensen

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