Monday, October 31, 2016

Endless Possibilities

Dear Family, 

What a week! It went by pretty quickly, which is good because it means we had more work to do than last week. I am getting much more adjusted to missionary life and really starting to enjoy the work and our area. One thing that I love about missionary work is that you never know what will happen at the beginning of the day. You could meet anyone or do anything. It is especially this way with tracting, which is actually one of my favorite things to do. Knocking on doors opens the possibility to meet anyone. It could be someone who is organizing an outreach to save the Mormons. It could be someone from Ohio who has been to your favorite book store inColumbus. It could be someone who will talk to you for 20 minutes on the doorstep about his beliefs, pulling out scriptures and everything. It could be someone who closes the door in the next two seconds. The possibilities are endless, and all of these have happened to me.

One highlight of the week was our lesson with J. on Monday night. For the first 30-40 minutes of the lesson, she told us about her story and how she had gotten the point of meeting with the missionaries. She is a member of another religion and also said no to the missionaries when they came to her door. But, after going through some really hard things, she met the missionaries when she was taking care of that older couple who joined the church about a year ago. The elder who is currently our zone leader gave her a priesthood blessing and said everything that she was thinking and needed to hear. I think she really felt the spirit and the reality of the restored priesthood. After that, she started coming to church and investigating the church. I am not sure how much the missionaries taught her before us, but Monday night was the first time she had heard the restoration lesson. The First Vision was kind of earth shattering because she has always been taught that God is a spirit and this was the first time she had heard of Him having a body. I am so thankful for the knowledge that we have about the true nature of Heavenly Father, as restored by Joseph Smith. We are His children, and He loves us more than we can comprehend. J. came to church yesterday and we are so excited to continue teaching her about the restored gospel. 

We met this super sweet lady named B. this week. The missionaries have visited her in the past, but have never really taught her the lessons. She is of a different faith but loves to visit with us and talk about the gospel. She has member friends who watched General Conference with her, and she really enjoyed it. She also has a granddaughter who served a mission in Germany, so we know she has family members in the church. She is quite lonely and will talk with us for a long time when we come. During our first visit, she told us that we were just glowing with the Holy Spirit, and just wished we could come every day. We visited her again yesterday and started to teach the Plan of Salvation, but didn't get to far because we get to talking. But she thinks a lot about her husband and mom who have passed away, so we are praying that further knowledge of God's plan for her will bring her comfort. 

We also taught A. again. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. I think things are just starting to click in her mind with the gospel, because she has been really exposed to it, but hasn't been presented the whole picture until now. She made really great comments in the lesson. She told us how she decided on her own to take out all of her piercings and quit coffee. We were so impressed by her desire to keep the commandments, even before the missionaries or even her friends asked her too. She is really amazing, we are still just worried about her family being hostile towards her decision to be baptized, so pray hard for their hearts to be softened. 

As we continue to do this work, I am realizing more and more that it is all about the people, the children of Heavenly Father that we are helping. I think, as a missionary, you are blessed with a special love for the people that you are serving. I continue to be so grateful that Heavenly Father has called and trusted me to do the work here in Nampa. 


Sister Jensen

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